Year 8
Smestow 18-4 Highfields
Smestow 21-6 Ounsdale

Year 10
Smestow 7-1 Highfields
Smestow 3-21 Ounsdale

This week students had their first two league games of the season.

On Tuesday both teams faced Highfields in their first away fixture.
As a result of missing part of their squad the Year 10 team had Kylah Humphries – a year 7 student! – playing up for them to make a full squad. However, the girls played some fantastic netball and some excellent defending from Abigail Broome (GD) secured a 7-1 win. The Year 8 team mirrored this success in their game with the final score ending up 18-4 win to Smestow as a result of some outstanding shooting from Becky Palmer.

On Wednesday evening students embarked on their second away fixture at Ounsdale.
The Year 8 girls took quickly took an 8-0 lead in the first quarter and managed to dominate the rest of the game with the standout player being awarded to Maia. The score finished at 21-6 to Smestow with the girls keeping their clean sheet.
Unfortunately the Year 10 girls came up against a strong Ounsdale side and were not able to replicate the same success as the Year 8 team with the score line finishing 21-3 to Ounsdale. However, despite this loss, the girls did not lose their spirit, with the Ounsdale umpire praising the girls for being a credit to Smestow School!

Well done to all girls who played in both fixtures!

Year 8:
Sophie Benton
Millie Adams
Abigail Broome
Myah Clacken
Nevaeh Dew
Kharam Haire
Victoria Joyce
Rhea Nahan
Leah Jones
Holly Hawkins

Year 10:
Olivia Lucas
Liv Miller
Kylah Humphreys
Amelia Rogers
Holly Whitehouse
Maia Williams
Becky Palmer
Amiyah Brown
Scarlett Goodall