Smestow has been awarded Lead School status within the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science.

We received the accolade from Computing At School – an organisation which was set up with the aim of giving children the best education in computing.

There are only just over 500 schools in the country given the Lead School status and we are delighted to be named among the elite.

Chris Gildroy, head of computer science at Smestow, said: “Computing is becoming more and more important in our everyday life and it is vital that our children get the best possible start with the right education.

Computing At School runs more than 150 regional hubs around the country, it’s free to become a member and this gives access to more than 20,000 colleagues nationwide and over 3,000 resources.  It also gives access to online discussions and offers the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and resources in order to give students the best possible grounding in computing.

This means we have continued access to all that expertise, which we can then pass on to the students.  We have been involved with Computing At School over the last year, giving feedback on our activities and that will enable us to build on this experience in the future.

Smestow is proud to have been named a Lead School – there are only 509 in England – and this enables us not only to build computing as a subject in our school, but also helps us support other schools in our area.  It is important that we continue to develop and grow in this area of education and this acknowledgement of what we have done and are continuing to do keeps us at the very forefront of computing education.”

Computing At School’s goal is to give children a comprehensive education in computing. It helps to provide strategic guidance and leadership to all those people involved in trying to bring new skills to students.

Mr Gildroy said the support and help the organisation provides is invaluable in providing the necessary education in computing.

“Computing At School says its aim is to put the excitement back into computing education,” he added.  “Their continued support through this programme is going a long way to ensuring students get the very best education within this field.”