by Lee Smith
Project Lead
Premier League 4 Sport community programme

Cavhan Sanghera was identified by coach Nick Shaffery as someone with great potential in Volleyball, but difficult to keep on task. Nick approached me to see if there was anything we could do to help with this.

After meeting with Cavhan he told me he was getting in trouble a lot for talking, so during a player visit to the satellite session we decided to task Cavhan with being the lead on the #SocialMediaTakeover. Cavhan was a natural at this, conducting interviews, blogs and pictures without prompting.  As a result we challenged Cavhan to be the lead on satellite media and regional competition that happened in January.

He has visited the training ground giving him the opportunity to speak to the Head of Media at Wolves, Paul Berry, and be part of the Wolves v Liverpool FA cup game giving him an insight into what he could be involved with in the future if he ensures he applies himself well at school.

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