A group of Smestow pupils had an inspiring day as part of the ‘This Girl Will’ event in Wolverhampton. Megan Harrison, Year 13 Ambassador for Smestow Girls Can, tells us about the experience…

On Thursday 9th March, five sixth form girls and I took part in the ‘This Girl Will’ event held at The University of Wolverhampton.

The event was inspired by the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign and inspiring girls to take part in sport.

During the day we had the opportunity to meet and speak to double Paralympic gold medallist and three-time world champion Danielle Brown MBE.

During the talk we were able to get an insight into how Danielle reached the success she has achieved. The focus of this talk was about the barriers that women in sport face and the barriers she faced when having a disability.

The talk inspired us all to not let anything stop us from achieving and doing something we enjoy and love to do.

Also during the day we learnt about the stereotypes that occur within sport. These stereotypes included sports that are shown to be male dominated sports, the lack of coverage female sports have compared to male sports and how people perceive women taking part in sport.

We also watched a video about “like a girl”. This video was all about how ‘like a girl’ is shown to be an insult, instead of it being positive. This video made us realise how all of us at some point have said to someone that they throw like a girl or they need to ‘man up’.

This realisation changed our perception on what ‘like a girl’ means.

Overall the trip has inspired all of us to take part in sport and not allow any barriers from stopping us in all that we do. The trip was an inspiring opportunity and is something I would love to do again.

Megan Harrison – Year 13 Ambassador for Smestow Girls Can