Two Smestow students are jetting off to America to work with youngsters at residential summer camps.

Jacob Smith and Megan Hartley, who are both in their final year at Smestow Sixth Form, will be working at Camp America bases for three months.

Megan is heading off to New Jersey in May to work with children and adults with disabilities, and says she is looking forward to the challenge.

“I have experience of working with children with special needs as part of the Extended Health and Social Care Diploma which I am studying,” she says.

“It’s really exciting to be going to America for such a long time, and I have spoken to other people who will be doing it so I am not too nervous.

“I will be looking after children and adults who are at the camp, delivering one-to-one support and taking them on days out and that sort of thing.”

Megan, who is currently studying for BTECs at Smestow, will then be going to Queen’s University in Belfast, which is in the top one per cent of universities in the world, to study law.

Meanwhile, Jacob is heading to New Hampshire in America in June to work as a lifeguard and tennis coach for three months.

He says he got the idea after hearing about the Camp America project at a recruitment fair.

“It’s really exciting and I’m looking forward to it,” he says. “I have worked as a lifeguard at Wolverhampton Fitness and Swimming Centre, so I’ll be doing a similar kind of thing at the camp.

“It will be a great experience and I am planning to travel across America when my placement finishes.

“I had to go down to London to get my travel visa and met quite a few of the other people who will be going to the camp with me, so that was really good and I’m not nervous about it really.”

Jacob is currently studying A-Levels at Smestow Sixth Form and would like to go on to become an airline pilot or join the RAF.