If you want to go to university, Smestow Sixth Form is the best place to be – that’s the message from a student who tried college before coming to Smestow.

Choosing where to study their A-Levels can be a difficult decision for Year 11 students with various options available to them in Wolverhampton.

One of Smestow Sixth Form’s former students, Sharon Tiryaki, has some advice for those pupils thinking about where to go in September – and she is in a unique position after studying both at college and Smestow.

Sharon Tiryaki

She says: “I chose to go to college originally after Year 11 because I wanted a change of scene and a more ‘grown-up’ environment.

“But I decided to return to Smestow after a year of college and I am really pleased I did. Coming back to Smestow was an easy choice because I already knew the teachers, school layout and some of the people who I would be in classes with.

“Had I gone to Smestow Sixth Form straight after Year 11, knowing the school and other students would have taken away a lot of added stress and worry whilst getting to grips with the heavier work load of A-Levels.

“Smestow Sixth Form and college are different in that college is a lot more laid back, which might seem great at first but I realised it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

“For instance, at college, I was allowed to go home during my free lessons from the start, whereas at Smestow, being able to go home during free lessons was only allowed after I had met my targets in all subjects.

“Looking back, this was the better option as it meant I studied during these free lessons which kept me on top of my work, something that I was not fully motivated to do myself at college, being only 16 years old.

“To the current Year 11 students, I would say that if you want to go to university, then stay on at sixth form. The teachers at Smestow sixth form are great, they really want to help you achieve your best and get the grades you need to go to university.”

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