Youngsters from Castlecroft Primary School have been having fun at Smestow as part of a new project to build links between the two schools.

Children from Year 5 at Castlecroft have been taking part in a number of activities to develop their STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills – using the facilities and teaching available here at Smestow.

The first project involved making racing cars out of Lego and then seeing which was the fastest in a series of time trials.

Deputy head at Smestow, Angie Lawrence, says the aim is to continue the partnership work, which has benefits for both schools.

“There were three main elements of learning from the racing car session – enterprise, computer science and maths,” she says.

“The children had to design their car and think about the marketing and business side of things, then they had to make the car and measure its speed.

“It was a brilliantly practical way of using a range of skills, and the children had great fun at the same time.

“All of the teachers involved commented on how capable the Year 5 pupils were. It’s sometimes easy to underestimate the ability of younger children, but the pupils from Castlecroft did themselves and their school proud.

“We are really keen to develop our partnership with Castlecroft Primary. It’s all about enriching everyone’s education, and by working more closely together we can provide new opportunities for Castlecroft and Smestow pupils.”

Headteacher at Castlecroft Primary School, Andy Dyall, says: “The feedback from our Year 5 pupils has been extremely positive. They thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and were able to talk in great detail about the challenges they were given and how they had overcome them.

“The project provided the children with an exciting opportunity to apply their maths, science and English skills. Working in a secondary school setting has provided our Year 5 children with an insight into the next stage of their educational journey.

“Such a positive experience can only help to make that transition more successful. We look forward to being involved in any future opportunities to work together.”