It was a case of hair today, gone tomorrow for one Smestow pupil who added another event to her growing list of charity endeavours.

Jessica Hodgkiss, of Year 8, used to have long hair but decided to cut it short and help raise money for youngsters who are battling cancer.

She ended up raising the amazing figure of £700 from people sponsoring her to cut between 30cm and 40cm from her hair.

Jessica says: “I wanted to have my hair quite a bit shorter, and I was inspired when Jessie J shaved her head and donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children who have cancer.

“I didn’t go quite as far as her and have my head shaved, but I did cut all of the length from my hair and I was really pleased to be able to raise so much money too.

“Although my mum totally supported the idea of raising money for charity, she wasn’t keen on me cutting my hair and was actually quite worried about it – but she ended up really liking it shorter!”

Jessica is no stranger to going the extra mile for charity, having run the Wolverhampton Marathon last year for a cystic fibrosis charity, and she says she’s already planning her next event – watch this space!