Children at Smestow have been getting an expert insight into the world of fine metals thanks to a partnership with a jeweller.

Philip Eccleston, a Walsall-based jeweller, has been working with a group of Year 10 pupils as part of their Resistant Materials studies, and teachers say the work they have produced is outstanding.

Under the guidance of Mr Eccleston, the children started with a simple copper band which they developed into a twisted band ring and have also been working with silver.

Deputy head, Angie Lawrence, said the school was very grateful to have the expertise of a professional jeweller available to pupils.

She said: “Mr Eccleston has been with us for the last half-term and the children have been really inspired by the work.

“It has shown the pupils a different side to product design and some of the pieces being produced are wonderful.

“Mr Eccleston is a former head of design technology so has experience of working with schoolchildren which has helped make his sessions really engaging.

“One of the key aims here at Smestow is to give our pupils practical examples of how their studies relate to jobs in the real world, and projects like this are really effective at demonstrating the exciting careers which are possible after school.”

Mr Eccleston, who has been designing and making bespoke jewellery for many years said he had enjoyed working with the pupils at Smestow who fully applied themselves to developing their skills and knowledge.

“I think it has been an inspiring process both for the children and myself if I’m being honest,” he said.

“It has been fantastic to be able to use some of my skills to give pupils an insight into jewellery making, and I have been delighted by their enthusiasm.

“It would be lovely to think we have inspired some jewellers of the future and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with them.”