On 21st June our Year 10 students went to the University of Cambridge to attend a science session.

Unfortunately, due to the coach breaking down we had to miss the science session but we made it in time to attend an inspiring lecture on how to apply to the University of Cambridge and what requirements students need to meet in order to study there.

Students also had a look around the Cambridge town centre and looked at other colleges in Cambridge, for example, King’s College and Queen’s college.

Overall, the students had a good time and below are the comments from some of our students who went on the trip:

Tabo: “I actually enjoyed the trip more than I thought I would. The campus was huge and there was lots of space to play with your mates or have a picnic. I found out a lot about the University as a whole; I found out that they don’t select students due to their wealth or class, they are diverse. However, like most universities they ask you for specific grades from you to take their various courses. Overall, it was a fun day!!”

Leo: “The trip was quite inspiring to go to a University. The town was very nice and had a good history, it would have been nicer if the coach didn’t break down.”

Ben: “It was very good to look round a top university like Cambridge and very inspiring to think about going there to study.”

Amie: “I really enjoyed the trip to Cambridge. Even though we missed the science portion, it was a good experience to see one of the top Universities and learn about the rich history of the city”.

Emily: “I enjoyed the trip to Cambridge, it inspired me to go to University in the future.”

Yashmann: “I enjoyed the trip because the University was nice. It inspired me to go there because of the facility.”