Smestow is forming a leadership team made up of students for the first time – and we are delighted to announce the appointment of our first-ever Principals.

Sixth-formers Lucy Trickett, Jasneek Athwal, Leah Webley and George Davis have been elected as School Principals, and will now work to establish the rest of the leadership team.

Head of Smestow, Martyn Morgan, says the idea of forming a student leadership team has come from the pupils themselves.

“It is something that a lot of pupils have expressed an interest in and we are delighted to have appointed the first-ever student principals here at Smestow,” he says.

“The whole aim of having a student leadership team is that it gives pupils an even greater sense of being part of the school community – and not only are they part of the community but they have a real input into how the school develops.

“I am very much looking forward to working with the team and seeing what ideas and initiatives they bring to the table.”

Head of Smestow Sixth Form, Dan Boden, has congratulated the sixth-formers who had been elected to the student leadership team.

He says: “It’s a great personal achievement for each of them and testament to their strength of character, personality and the high regard in which they are held by their peers and teaching staff alike.

“We are looking forward to the positive impact it will have on school life by sustaining the school culture and beliefs with supporting our students to achieve.

“This is the first year that Smestow has had a student leadership team and the principals will be involved in the interview process for the vice-principals and the lower school.”

From left – Head of Sixth Form, Dan Boden alongside the principals from new student leadership team, Lucy Trickett, Jasneek Athwal, Leah Webley and George Davis, and Smestow Headteacher Martyn Morgan.