To conclude last half term, four of Smestow’s Young Ambassadors, Leah Webley, Will Jennings, Jamine Marriott and Vivek Dass played a major role in the ‘Play Unified’ Primary Leadership Academy Event at Aldersley Leisure Village.

The Smestow students researched, planned and then delivered workshops to over one hundred primary pupils.

The primary pupils took part in a variety of activities that help them focus on how they can be a Unify Ambassador in their school.

Who are their role models? Can they develop a logo for their playground that shows inclusion and unity? What would they say in a school assembly to inspire everyone to work together and look out for each other?

These questions were answered through a range of fast moving activities.

All the primary pupils went back to their school inspired and ready to show the skills and qualities Smestow’s own ambassadors had shared and modelled throughout the day.

We are really proud of our Ambassadors. It takes a lot of nerves backed by meticulous planning to achieve such a great day for everyone. Well done!