Year 7 to 9 students have been treading the boards with the help of students from the School of Performing Arts at Wolverhampton University.

The session was well received from Smestow School students, as they were able to learn about three different elements of performance – dance, drama and music.

Students started the day with a warm up and getting to know the university’s workshop leaders. It was then straight into the sessions with a look at the script and picking characters when they started to develop ideas for the roles they were going have at the end of the workshop.

Next came the song, REVOLTING! Which had the Smestow students laughing at the thought of getting their own back at school!

Then came the dance moves, all the students had a part to play and helped to support each other learning the moves.

Finally came the performance. “They were amazing,” said Mrs Hartley. “With only three hours they had put together a short scene and dance number. I was very proud of the students who achieved so much in the workshop.”

Ellen Preece, Year 9, said at the end of the session: “I loved it, they were so understanding, they made it really fun. Definitely want to do it again.”

William Ody, Year 7, said: “It went really well, they helped so much, it was really fun.”