The examination period starts in earnest on Monday 14th May and in order to support the students during this very important time we are proposing the following:

  • Normal timetabled lessons will continue unless students are in examinations until Friday 25th May.
  • We will amend the timetable as appropriate to allow for additional lessons in preparation for exams.
  • Where subjects have already completed examinations students will attend supervised study sessions for which they are expected to bring in their own revision materials.

When students return to school after the half term break we will make further amendments to best meet the needs of students:

  • The timetable will be significantly modified so that students only attend when in scheduled lessons.
  • When not in lessons students will be given independent study time which can be taken at home.
  • The school will continue to offer supervised study sessions for all lessons should students prefer to study in school during this time.
  • All lessons will cease once subjects complete exams on Friday 15th June.

Each student will be issued with an individual timetable which indicates all of their time in school and any timetable adjustments including examination sessions.

We hope that we can count on your support in ensuring your son/daughter attends promptly for all sessions.