A group of Year 8 students have been to Cosford Air Base as part of a Cyber Security Workshop, along with three other schools.

The day began with the students being given a treasure hunt task around the hangars, so they could familiarise themselves with the layout of the area and the scale of the base, as well as some of the terminology they would be coming across.

They said it was pretty amazing to be able to officially run around an airbase as part of your school day!

The main workshop was a problem-solving exercise, whereby they were given several clues to crack involving cypher codes, safe cracking, and eventually to find the source of a security breach and fix it. At the end of the day they had to present their findings to the whole group.

It was quite a long day but all the children worked really well together, and it was a great way of introducing them to a hands-on way of exploring different avenues of science, technology and engineering, and making them think outside the box.

Hopefully some of them will go on to consider future employment in one of these areas.