On Thursday 14th June, Mr Webb and 15 very excited Year 7s headed over to RAF Cosford to celebrate 100 years of the RAF with their very own sports day. This was designed to give students a chance to try a number of sports that they haven’t tried before and in some cases may not even have heard of.

The first activity was a tug of war with fierce competition between the boys and the girls; however the girls convincingly came on top in the first event of the day. We then had 10 minutes to spare to use the VR cams where the students had it over their eyes like they were flying a plane that was based at Cosford. The students then moved onto Rugby where coached by a professional player they took their skills from their PE lessons to demonstrate some excellent skill and teamwork within this session which was commented on by the coach. The third activity of the day and the most excited for the students was a mixture of Nordic Skiing and shooting; all of them had a go at both and first of all found it challenging but in typical manner preserved with it and were very successful at both. Some may say even better than Mr Webb (especially at the skiing). The final activity of the day was Martial Arts where the students definitely learnt some new lifelong skills in this session.

Across the day, the students all behaved impeccably and were a complete credit to the school. Mr Webb received numerous comments from staff at RAF Cosford to say how well are students conducted themselves and how polite they were after thanking each individual instructor or each after every session.

A very enjoyable day for all involved.