Smestow Schools Young Health Champions (YHC) attended ‘The Art of Emotional Well-Being And Resilience’ sponsored by PLANit Global and Park Village Education Centre on Friday 6th July at Wolverhampton Science Park.

Donald Brown, spoke to the YHC about digging deep in order to build resilience to overcome hurdles.   He said ‘In life there will be hurdles but digging deep can help you overcome them and make positive changes’.

The YHC have some hurdles coming up in the near future, an assembly to year 7 students in order to complete their training, but also in presenting to Wolverhampton City council officers and RSPH awarding body about the role of Young Health Champions in schools.

Donald’s words where helpfully, supportive and inspirational for students. The students have taken away a new-found confidence and self-belief due to Donald’s entertaining words.

The event sponsored and run by PLANIt Global also showed the YHC that with self-belief and determination, they can achieve the careers they want.

‘The whole event has helped the students feel ready for their next hurdle on Monday’, Mrs Hartley said, ‘As teachers we always believe in our students abilities, but is good for them to hear from other people too!.”

The YHC also go to meet the Lord Mayor of Wolverhampton, along with Poet Maurice Malcolm and Dr. Yusuf Shafi from Heads Start Wolverhampton.

The YHC and teaching staff are looking forward to build the relationship with all those involved in today’s event in order to provide the YHC with additional resources to support their younger peers in school.