In December your child will be undertaking their pre-public examinations.  We will no longer be using the term “mock” examinations since we do not believe that it confers the necessary gravitas to the importance of sitting these examinations.  We are sure that your child is already preparing for this and we know that you will appreciate the additional advice and support that our staff will be able to provide on at the Pre- Examination parents evening on  Thursday 15th November 4.30-7.30 pm.    

The purpose of pre- public examinations is to:

· Allow students, teachers and parents to know how well a student is currently performing in each subject.

· Allow teachers and students to identify gaps in knowledge and skills that need to be focused on for improved outcomes.

· Provide students with experience of a formal exam setting and to rehearse routines and exam technique. It is important that students know what to expect and how exams are run.

We would also like to remind you that applications for places in our Sixth Form are now open and interviews will be taking place shortly.