Parents’ Forum

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We are part of a new Parents’ Forum set up by Deputy Headteacher Angela Lawrence to help strengthen parent/school communication and promote better understanding of the challenges facing schools, students and parents.

Education has changed a great deal since we were all at school, and sometimes we find it hard to understand new terminologies and measures. The Forum provides an opportunity for staff and parents to discuss areas of concern and seek clarification on different aspects of school life.
We meet approximately once every six weeks at the end of the school day. Areas of discussion are agreed ahead of our meetings and we come prepared, having talked to our children to get their perspective.

Our first meeting covered Show My Homework and Rewards/Class Charts. After some discussion we realised that there is a lot more to both than we had initially grasped. We fed back on areas that we felt could be improved, based on our children’s experience. By the end of the meeting we all agreed that we had learnt a great deal and actions were agreed to assist other parents to better understand the systems.

We have also looked at the changes in reporting, feeding back that new terminology and changes to the key stages have made it hard to understand the report and individual student achievement.
As parents we are keen to support our children and the school, we feel that our input has been valued by Angela and her colleagues. We appreciate that the school is consulting with parents and value the opportunity to work with staff to improve communication.

We would like to encourage other parents who are interested to join the Forum. Your input will be greatly appreciated and you will be supporting your child and the school in creating improved communication.

Lynne Hewitt

Forthcoming meetings:
Thursday 26th January 2017 – focus on assessment & reporting
Thursday 23rd March 2017 – focus on options process and parents evenings
Thursday 8th June 2017 – focus to be agreed

If parents would like to attend, please contact Mrs Lawrence at