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Year 11 Science Revision Materials

B1 B2 B3
B1 Revision Checklist
B1 Knowledge PowerPoint
B2 Revision Checklist
B2 Knowledge PowerPoint
B1 2014 Higher Past Paper
B1 2014 Higher Mark Scheme
B1 2014 Foundation Past Paper
B1 2014 Foundation Mark Scheme
B1 2015 Higher Past Paper
B1 2015 Higher Mark Scheme
B1 2015 Foundation Past Paper
B1 2015 Foundation Mark Scheme
B2 2014 Higher Past Paper
B2 2014 Higher Mark Scheme
B2 2014 Foundation Past Paper
B2 2014 Foundation Mark Scheme
B2 2015 Higher Past Paper
B2 2015 Higher Mark Scheme
B2 2015 Foundation Past Paper
B2 2015 Foundation Mark Scheme
C1 C2 C3
C1 Revision Checklist
C1 Knowledge PowerPoint
Data Sheet
C2 Revision Checklist
C2 Knowledge PowerPoint
Data Sheet
C1 2014 Higher Past Paper
C1 2014 Higher Mark Scheme
C1 2014 Foundation Past Paper
C1 2014 Foundation Mark Scheme
C1 2015 Higher Past Paper
C1 2015 Higher Mark Scheme
C1 2015 Foundation Past Paper
C1 2015 Foundation Mark Scheme
C2 2014 Higher Past Paper
C2 2014 Higher Mark Scheme
C2 2014 Foundation Past Paper
C2 2014 Foundation Mark Scheme
C2 2015 Higher Past Paper
C2 2015 Higher Mark Scheme
C2 2015 Foundation Past Paper
C2 2015 Foundation Mark Scheme
P1 P2 P3
P1 Revision Checklist
P1 Knowledge PowerPoint
Data Sheet
P2 Revision Checklist
P2 Knowledge PowerPoint part 1
P2 Knowledge PowerPoint part 2
Data Sheet
P1 2014 Higher Past Paper
P1 2014 Higher Mark Scheme
P1 2014 Foundation Past Paper
P1 2014 Foundation Mark Scheme
P1 2015 Higher Past Paper
P1 2015 Higher Mark Scheme
P1 2015 Foundation Past Paper
P1 2015 Foundation Mark Scheme
P2 2014 Higher Past Paper
P2 2014 Higher Mark Scheme
P2 2014 Foundation Past Paper
P2 2014 Foundation Mark Scheme
P2 2015 Higher Past Paper
P2 2015 Higher Mark Scheme
P2 2015 Foundation Past Paper
P2 2015 Foundation Mark Scheme


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RAF 100 Years

RAF 100 Years

On Thursday 14th June, Mr Webb and 15 very excited Year 7s headed over to RAF Cosford to celebrate 100 years of the RAF with their very own sports day. This was designed to give students a chance to try a number of sports that they haven’t tried before and in some...

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Training the future of the NHS

Ten Smestow students from years 10 and 12 attended a Delivering Midwifery training day at the University of Wolverhampton. The day consisted of student Midwives talking to the students about their training and what to expect from being a Midwife in the real world,...

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Warburton’s Surprise

Warburton’s Surprise

Louis Johnson in year 7 requested a grant from Warburtons to enable him to pay for a stall at the Tettenhall Round Table Summer Fete. In his spare time Louis raises a lot of money for charity and this was another way he could raise money for his chosen charity. On...

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Chromatography at University of Wolverhampton

Chromatography at University of Wolverhampton

On the 6th of June, seven of our Year 12 BTEC Applied science students went to the University of Wolverhampton to carry out Chromatography Practicals. These practicals were  part of their written assessment units. Students worked in the labs in the Rosalind Franklin...

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More info about our forthcoming community day and how you can get involved is here:

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It's exam time!! Important info here for all Year 11 students and their families:

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Know someone who could inspire pupils in the world of science? We have two positions available - Subject Leader in…

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Is your child joining Smestow in Year 7 this September? A very warm welcome awaits you this Thursday - make sure yo…

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What an amazing experience for the Year 8 and Year 9 students who went to @VillarrealCF in Spain. Read their tour d…

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