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We are closed for the summer holidays, however, if students are worried or concerned please email Year 7 and 11 return at 8:30am Wednesday 7th September 2022 all other year groups return at 8:30 am Thursday 8th September 2022.


Newsletter July 2022 25/07/2022School Closure - Tuesday 19 July 2022 18/07/2022Update on Academy Trust - June 2022 21/06/2022Removal of Bubbles UWMAT VI Letter - January 2022 28/01/2022Removal of Bubbles Letter - January 2022 28/01/2022End of Term Update - December 2021 16/12/2021End of Term Letter - December 2021 14/12/2021Mass Testing Letter - July 2021 14/07/2021TAG Letter - July 2021 14/07/2021End of Year Letter - July 2021 14/07/2021Mobile Phones and Hoodies 10/06/2021Year 11 and 13 09/06/2021Community COVID Test Kits 15/05/2021TAGS 2021 05/05/2021Rebranding 29/04/2021Year 11 Mock Exams 12/04/2021Year 13 Mock Exams 12/04/2021Home Testing 19/03/2021Online Safety 31/01/2021Govt Update 31/12/2020Testing Update 23/12/2020December COVID 19 Update 18/12/2020December Newsletter 17/12/2020COVID Winter Grant Fund 04/12/2020COVID Advice to Parents 28/11/2020Y11 and Y13 Mock Exams 02/11/2020Covid 19 - Ofsted Visit 02/11/2020School Covid Update 01/11/2020Year 10 Letter 19/10/2020COVID- 19 23/09/2020GL Assessments Year 7 16/09/2020Changes to the Times of the School Day 13/09/2020September Opening 01/09/2020September Reopening 15/07/2020School opening and closure UPDATE 06/07/2020RSE Consultation 06/07/2020School Minibuses 2020-21 25/06/2020Additional Code of Conduct 10/06/2020Reopening Letter 10/06/2020Y8 Options 10/06/2020My Week of Work 06/06/2020Online Lessons Update 26/05/2020Return to School 22/05/2020Letter to Parents - COVID and Potential Opening 19/05/2020Parental Consultation 28/04/2020Virtual Work Experience 23/04/2020Be Ready - Careers Guidance 17/04/2020Free School Meals - Further Information 14/04/2020Guidance for Parents of Y11 and Y13 Students - Grades 06/04/2020Ofqual - How Grades will be Awarded for Y11 and Y13 Students 03/04/2020Important Information for Parents of Y11 and Y13 Students 25/03/2020School Closure 24/03/2020Free School Meals Information 24/03/2020Letter Regarding School Closure 19/03/2020Parents of Key Workers or Vulnerable Students 19/03/2020Coronavirus Advice - Letter to Parents 17/03/2020Y11 Parents Evening 08/01/2020End of Term Arrangements - 20th Dec 2019 02/12/2019Y13 Mock Exam Timetable 06/11/2019Y11 Mock Exam Timetable 06/11/2019Parking - Drop Off Zone 24/10/2019School Closure - 11th October 2019 01/10/2019Outcome of Consultation - School Day & Mobile Phones 16/07/2019Uniform, appearance & Equipment Letter - September 2019 12/07/2019Smestow Leadership Changes - September 2019 11/07/2019End of Term Arrangements - July 2019 08/07/2019Locker Letter 2019-2020 04/07/2019Ofsted June 2019 - Letter for Parents/Carers 20/06/2019Ofsted 'School Inspection - A guide for parents' 20/06/2019Ofsted Report June 2019 20/06/2019GCSE Exam Results Information 12/06/2019Transport 2019-2020 12/06/2019Parent Consultation Letter 12/06/2019Y10 Exam Timetable 09/06/2019Y10 Exams 05/06/2019UCAS Plus Trip July 2019 24/05/2019Parent Guide to OFSTED 14/05/2019Letter to Parents 14/05/2019Safeguarding Newsletter 3 10/05/2019Exam Briefing Schedule 10/05/2019Post 16 End of Year information 03/05/2019Year 13 Exam Information 03/05/2019Progression exam period for Year 12 03/05/2019Year 10 Parents evening letter 01/04/2019Y11 After-School Revision Timetable 15/03/2019School Transport 15/03/2019Y11 - TLC Tuition 13/03/2019HOS Newsletter March 2019 11/03/2019Safeguarding Newsletter 2 10/03/2019Lock-down Alert letter 01/03/2019MOMO Advice letter 01/03/2019Year 8 Options Letter 27/02/2019HoS February 2019 Newsletter 22/02/2019Year 7 Class Changes 15/02/2019Year 8 Options Event 15/02/2019Y11 - Revision Advice 10/02/2019Y11 Core PE 10/02/2019Timetable consultation letter 08/02/2019December 2018 End of term arrangements 14/12/2018

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