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We are closed for the summer holidays, however, if students are worried or concerned please email Year 7 and 11 return at 8:30am Wednesday 7th September 2022 all other year groups return at 8:30 am Thursday 8th September 2022.

List 2021-22


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Chahal Executive Headteacher
Miss J Roberts Acting Deputy Headteacher
Mrs T Hartley Acting Deputy Headteacher
Mr J Stokes Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Webb Business Manager
Teaching Staff
Teaching Staff
Mr Farooq   Mr M Jarvis   Mr S Mayor   Mr C Davies   Miss A Gautam   Miss Sandhu   Mrs Scott   Mr Willets   Mr Gough   Mr Green   Mr J Thomas   Mrs Chahal   Ms Penrose-Davidson   Mr Nightingale   Miss Price   Mr Ashworth   Miss Concliffe   Mrs Hayward      Mr M Craig   Mrs H Pinches   Mrs L Fellows   Miss H Patel   Miss N Concliffe   Ms L Pitman   Mr A Nightingale   Miss L Gray   Mrs M Oakley   Mrs S Pooni   Miss C Wimbush   Mrs C Horton   Mr J Webb   Mrs D Detton   Mr Sidhu   Ms B Mitric   Mr C Morris   Mrs H Butler   Ms A Summerfield   Miss O'Connor   Mr Webb   Miss Roberts   Mrs Jones   Mr N Underhill   
Progress Assistants
Miss Shaw   Mrs Seedat   Mrs Dipaolo   Mrs Flavell   Miss Parkes   Ms Trajkovic   Mrs Kaur   
Associate Staff
Business ManagerCover Supervisors
Mrs A Webb   
Attendance ManagerSafeguarding Officer
Miss F Turner   
Administration StaffExams Officer
Mrs J Foster   
Miss G Beecher   
Mrs S Mahiques   
Mrs J Faulkner   
Miss S Reeves   
Senior Midday SupervisorsICT Technicians
Mrs W Hill   
Mrs U Patel   
Mr Evans   
TechniciansSite Managers
Mrs L Roberts   
Mr S McBride   
Mr S Furber   
Mr Johnson   
Student Support LeadersProgress Assistants
Miss A Parkes   
Miss D Johnson   
Mrs L Vaccarella   
Miss O Diponio   
Miss A Mohammed   
Miss Shaw   
Mrs Seedat   
Mrs Dipaolo   
Mrs Flavell   
Miss Parkes   
Ms Trajkovic   
Mrs Kaur   
Data Manager
Miss H Round   

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